At AD HOC we have a profound knowledge of our clients, their culture, values, strategies and objectives. Beginning from the startup, we work together to adapt the management habits of the best professionals; guaranteeing management’s success.

Prestigious organizations are among our clients, both national and international, whom we help and work with in the process of internationalization.


We work in automotive, aerospace, electronic, steel, electric… In recent years, a radical change has been observed in the industrial sector, both at the national and international levels. Price fluctuations of raw materials, the elimination of geographical barriers and increasingly competitive markets have forced industrial companies to be global and co-exist with uncertainty, which is, and will continue to be, constant.

At AD HOC, we have proved to be an authentic partner for clients of the industrial sector, contributing to the improvement of results though the incorporation of executives in key jobs.

Due to the internationalization of the sector, at AD HOC, we have great experience in managing projects at the local and international level, knowing the highly dynamic environment in detail of industrial companies. All of this allows us to adequately spot talent and appropriately incorporate it into the organization so that it has continuity and success.


The surge of administrative regulation and increasingly strict requirements for approving specifications, has increasingly extended use of generic products, jumps in I+D costs and a greater regulation in reference prices, are forcing the pharmaceutical industry to get through complicated times and to make important changes.

At AD HOC, we are specialists in the fields of biotechnology, hospital systems, medical instruments, electromedicine, pharmaceutical products, dermocosmetics… The experience of our management team in these subsectors enables us to be in continuous contact with the best management from premier organizations, allowing us to be completely up-to-date.

Our clients are national and international companies that range from small companies that lead their sector up to multinational groups that compete at the global level.


In an increasingly competitive professional environment, technology has a fundamental role as a key means to increase efficiency in organizations. Among our clients there are providers of hardware, software, integrators, virtual mobile operators and online companies.

At AD HOC, we have a team of consultants that have, not only high technical knowledge, but also experience in the specific industry. Throughout the years, we have shown that we have great experience in offering solutions to technology companies by identifying, selecting and incorporating Talent to specific jobs.

Our methodology allows us to reach excellence in executing these projects, in addition to understanding and the ability to interpret new market trends.


The professional services sector is seen as being strongly influenced by the current market situation. In times like the present, where the organizations are permanently redefined politically and strategically, service companies should look for excellence and provide added value to clients so that they can compete in increasingly demanding environments.

At AD HOC, we come with many years of experience working in Executive Search in different work areas and in all subsectors of Professional Services (consulting, auditing, publicity…).

The experience of our partners and consultants in these sectors allows us to be completely current and in continuous contact with the best management, with the objective of adapting their professional experience to our clients’ concrete needs.


The energy sector has important weight in the current worldwide economic panorama. In recent years, the energy sector has been characterized by a rapid transformation resulting from the economic and financial crisis. Managing the uncertainty in a changing regulatory framework makes companies in this sector constantly face changing situations and overcome multiple challenges in different areas of the business.

Emerging markets, increase in competition, reduction in energy costs, climate change, socio-environmental responsibility and efficient financial management, among many other factors, make it necessary to put innovative strategies into motion, in addition to growth and investment.

Active collaboration with different businesses of the sector, both at the national and international level, give AD HOC ample knowledge of the sector and can offer solutions to their clients.

Searching for and spotting potential are key functions in our Executive Search process. Business comprehension enables our consultancy team to carry out effective and successful searches for our clients.


For years, no period has seen immersion in greater challenges and constant changes such as the financial sector is currently seeing. Constant pressure in the sector creates the need to move past problems with agility and flexibility and at the same time creating new models and financial systems. The creation of profitable systems that generate confidence among the population makes it necessary for the organizations, the different entities and banking institutions to have an executive level with high leadership ability.

Despite the increasingly competitive sector, it is important to encourage trusting relationships, to generate new systems of client loyalty and to create products that offer a competitive advantage ahead of the market.

At AD HOC, we actively work in the financial sector consulting and offering solutions to our clients in the search for management and intermediates and adapting ourselves both to their individual needs and to those of the current market. Our methodology makes our consultants more specialized in the sector to collaborate in a proactive way with our clients in difficult restructuring processes. In this way, we offer you a professionalized service and successfully cover key positions for your organizations.

  • Investment Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Commercial Banking
  • Insurance Companies
  • Financing and Accounting
  • Internal Auditing
  • Risk Management
  • Money Laundering Prevention


The internationalization of small and medium business in recent years is an especially important fact in the recent development of the economy. Expansion has been characterized by putting different types of business strategies into place that reflect, on the one hand, a rich business fabric, and on the other hand, the richness in the field of managing these multinational mediums.

Family businesses have actively participated in the processes of globalization and have used internationalization as an instrument of expansion and growth. It is estimated that family businesses in Spain represent approximately 75% of private employment. From the total of businesses that compose the fabric of Spanish business, 85% are family businesses.

An important challenge that family businesses face and have faced is succeeding the founder. 70% of family businesses disappear after the death of the founder and only between 9% and 15% reach the third generation.